Why we exist

Before Shira Parnes founded VETAL, she worked as an account executive at another energy broker.

Her bosses made it clear that she should spend as little time as possible with existing clients, and prioritize bringing in more and more new clients.

Even after Shira PROVED to her bosses that she could save her clients more money if she spent more time on their accounts, her bosses told her she was wasting the company's time on this, and that she should instead go find more new clients that are easier and faster to service.

Shira also discovered that many of the contracts this firm recommended to her clients were actually costing them money in the long-run!

Shira knew this was a disservice to her clients, and she knew there was a better way, so she left and started VETAL.




How we're different

Our biggest difference is: we can usually save you more money than anyone else, because we spend more time on your account.

The best opportunities for you to save more money are usually hidden in the details, and can only be found by asking the right questions, gathering the right information, and understanding your business, your current conditions, and your future plans.

Most energy brokers and consultants aren't willing to spend enough time to do all of that, primarily because they're in the "volume business" - they have lots of clients and spend a small amount of time on each.

We spend as much time as we need to on your account, so we can uncover the best opportunities, so we can maximize your savings and protection, for the short-term and the long-term.

We're also different because we:

  • Advise what's best for your company, even if it makes us no money
  • Take full responsibility for all problems
  • Allow you to determine your level of involvement
  • Won't always agree with you
  • Provide customized customer service
  • Prioritize the long-term over the short-term
  • And lots more...

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What we do

Very simply:

  1. We review your energy bills, contracts, current conditions, future plans and any other pertinent information
  2. We craft a strategy for you that will maximize your short- and long-term savings and protection
  3. We procure and pre-negotiate quotes and terms from high-quality energy suppliers
  4. We present the best options to you and explain everything in plain English so you can make an informed, intelligent decision
  5. We implement your new energy contract with the supplier
  6. We review and monitor your account regularly to make sure your supplier is performing as they should, and there are no mistakes in your billing
  7. We take full responsibility for any and all problems that arise during the term of your contract, and we do all the work of resolving them
  8. We proactively remind you of important deadlines and watch the market for any opportunities that can save you more money in the future

If you'd like to learn more about our process and see how it can benefit your company, click here to book a free, no-obligation consultation.



What you should do next

First, click here to get INSTANT ACCESS to our free (PDF) report - 7 Questions You Must Ask Any Energy Broker Or Consultant Before You Hire Them. 

Here's just a tiny sample of what you're going to learn in the report:

  • Why 99% of energy brokers and consultants CAN'T find you the best opportunities to save more money... (see Page 6 in the report)
  • What a PASS-THROUGH clause is... how it can save you a lot of money... and, in some cases, COST you a lot of money... and how to know exactly when and how to use it to benefit your company.
  • The COMMON MISTAKE most energy brokers and consultants make... that can COST YOU A LOT OF MONEY. 
  • And LOTS more...

After you get the free report, click here to book a free consultation with us. Unlike most free consultations, ours is not some cleverly disguised sales pitch. We're not going to try to convince you of anything. We'd rather spend the time learning about your business and seeing if we can help you save more money. Click here to book your spot now.