Here are just a few examples of specific results we've achieved for our clients:


Saved $78,212 In 14 Months With VETAL

This is the report we sent to one of our clients that showed they saved $78,212 over a 14-month period working with VETAL:



This is one of the client's electric bills from that 14-month period. It shows that they saved almost $4,000 in this one month working with VETAL.



Saved $70,214 In 24 Months With VETAL

This is an email we sent to one of our clients:



This is the report we sent along with the email that shows this client saved $70,214 over a 24-month period working with VETAL:



VETAL Saw An Opportunity No One Else Did... And Saved This Company 11% More Than Any Other Broker Could

A company had received bids from 5 different energy brokers and had already selected the broker they wanted to work with.

VETAL came into the process late in the game, but after reviewing and analyzing the company's information we found a small detail - a change in their load profile. And we were pretty sure THE OTHER BROKERS DIDN'T RECOGNIZE THIS AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO SAVE MORE MONEY, while taking on no additional risk. 

It turned out none of the other five brokers saw this opportunity, but we took advantage of it and were able to provide a significantly lower quote than all of theirs. We were able to save this company 11% more money than any of the other brokers they were considering.

(And, we were able to offer this lower rate to this client for 35 months, whereas all the other brokers could only offer theirs for 18 months.)