(1) We Usually Can Save You More Than Anyone Else, Because We Spend More Time On Your Account


We've learned that the key to saving you more money is to spend more time working on your account.

This is because the best opportunities for you to save more money are usually not obvious or easy-to-find.

Most brokers aren't willing to spend more time on your account because they're in the volume business. So they’ll spend just enough to get you a decent result, but they won't spend enough time to find the best opportunities that can help you save a lot more.

That's what we do. We spend more time on your account because we're not in the volume business. We're in the "maximize results for every client business." We're in the personal service and personal touch business. If these are the things you want, or you'd just like to learn more, schedule a free consultation with us now.


(2) What's Best For Your Company, Not What’s Best For Us

We've advised many of our clients, at certain times, to not make a change, and just stay with their default utility company, even though we didn’t make anything from this advice. (Click here to see an example)

We do this because it's the right thing to do.

And because it's the best thing for your company.

And because we take a very long-term approach to client relationships.

We view you and every one of our clients as someone we'd like to work with for the the long term. 


(3) We Take Full Responsibility For All Problems

When there is a billing error, for example taxes are not being applied correctly, you might spend hours trying to get this problem resolved, between finding the right person to speak to at the supplier, waiting on hold, emails, voicemails, etc. Hours of your valuable time spent fixing a problem that we can do for you.

We take full responsibility for all problems that arise, we handle everything for you, and we work on it until the problem is fully resolved.

Because that’s our job.


(4) You Determine Your Level Of Involvement


Many of our clients don't want to be involved in the details. They trust that we're maximizing their savings and protection, and prefer to let us do the work for them, so they can spend more of their time running and growing their businesses.

But some of our clients like to be more involved, and we welcome that.

Working with us, you can determine your level of involvement from "hands off" to "roll your sleeves up and work on every detail with us."

We're fine with either, and anything in between - just let us know!


(5) We Won't Always Agree With You


We believe it is our fiduciary duty to use our expertise and experience to always give you the advice that is in the best interest of your company... whether you agree with it or not.

Ultimately, the decisions for your business are yours to make, but if we disagree with something, we're always going to respectfully voice our opinion, recommend the course of action we would take instead, and explain why.


(6) Energy Brokers "Give Quotes" Too Quickly

We need to learn more about your company, your current conditions, and your future plans before we start our process because it informs our strategy.

Energy brokers just get your bill and contract and "go shopping" for quotes from suppliers, but they don't ask you enough questions or gather the right information from you before they "get you a quote."

Which means they are missing opportunities that could save you a lot.


(7) Customized Customer Service

Part of our promise to you is providing frequent and regular communication, and that you will always have a single point of contact in our company, but those things are just the beginning...

We've learned that people like customer service delivered in different ways. Some people want a quick summary report. Some people want a detailed, longer report. Some people like regular, proactive check-in calls. Some people like to be left alone.

We want to deliver customer service the way you want it, so your life is easier.


(8) We Review Your Account Consistently And Frequently

Every quarter we review your account to:

  • Make sure your supplier has made no mistakes in any of your bills

  • Make sure your contract is performing as it should

  • Hold ourselves and our recommendations accountable


(9) We Explain Everything We're Doing In Simple, Plain English


We explain the analyses we've performed on your business and energy needs, how we arrive at our pricing numbers, and especially any new contracts and terms that we're recommending, so you can feel comfortable you are making an intelligent, informed decision. 


(10) Long-Term Approach


We love saving our clients a lot as quickly as possible. But we always take a long-term approach.

Many brokers feel like they have to show you impressive short-term savings, so they might recommend contracts that look good in the short term, but won't perform well over a longer period.

We want to show you those short-term, impressive savings too, but we’re more interested in setting up a contract that performs best over the long term, and provides more protection for you.