What we do

Very simply:

  1. We review your energy bills, contracts, current conditions, future plans and any other pertinent information

  2. We run your account through our model with evaluations and calculators to craft a strategy for you that will maximize your short- and long-term savings and protection

  3. We run an RFP from high-quality energy suppliers especially considering the terms and conditions and fine print of their contracts

  4. We present the best options to you and explain everything in plain English so you can make an informed, intelligent decision

  5. We implement your new energy contract with the supplier

  6. We set the account up for on-going management and put in place triggers or a market watch to take advantage of market opportunities

  7. We review and monitor your account regularly to make sure your supplier is performing as they should, and there are no mistakes in your billing

  8. We take full responsibility for any and all problems that arise during the term of your contract, and we do all the work of resolving them

  9. We proactively remind you of important deadlines and watch the market for any opportunities that can save you more money in the future

If you'd like to learn more about our process and see how it can benefit your company, book a free, no-obligation consultation.