Let's face it, most "free consultations" are really just sales pitches

We don't try to convince anyone of anything - we'd rather prove it to you.

We skip over all the hard-selling and chest-pounding and get right to learning about your business and figuring out if we can help you save more money or not.

That's what our free consultation is all about - figuring out if we can help you or not.

If we find that it won't benefit you to make a change right now, we'll tell you that, and advise you not to. At times, we've advised certain clients NOT to make a change, and just stay with their default energy provider, even though we made no money from this advice. (Click here to see) We did this because it was in their best interest at that time.

If after reviewing your situation, we find that we CAN save you a lot more money on your energy expenses, we're going to demonstrate that to you.

In most cases, we are able to save our clients substantial amounts of money, and in some cases, in relatively short periods of time. While we can’t guarantee this will happen for you, it does happen often. One example: we saved a client 40% on their annual energy expenses, which resulted in a total savings of over $70,000 in the first 12 months. We recently helped another client save more than 50% on their annual energy expenses, again within just the first 12 months of working with us. And, these are just two examples.

During your free consultation, we'll spend some time with you so we can understand your business. We'll dig into the details and review all market opportunities to see if we can help you save more than you are now.

That's it - simple and easy.


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DON’T FORGET THIS: In most cases, we can save you more money than anyone else... because we spend more time on your account. That’s really the key to this business—the more time you spend, generally the more opportunities you can find to save more. And, unlike most other energy brokers, we’re willing to spend the time.