See what our clients say about the service we provide and the results we achieve for them...


"We decided to work with VETAL because they got us lower prices and saved us more money. Shira and her team are great and they provide excellent service, but the additional savings was our main reason for switching.

We would definitely recommend VETAL if you want better prices and want to save more money."




"When we first met Shira and VETAL, we were very averse to outside brokers. We believed we could cut a deal as well as any broker could.

Shira had a very nice way of approaching us and communicating with us, so we set up a meeting with her and because of a variety of factors, including her ability to save us more money, we decided to use her services.

With Shira, what you see is what you get and more. She continually strives to make sure you’re getting the best and more.

She’s so good with paperwork and follow up. She delivers and then some. She claims to be an energy expert, and she actually delivers on it.

She’s better than other brokers and consultants because she doesn’t set a low bar for herself - she sets a high one, and then exceeds it.

Shira and VETAL make it so we don't have to worry about anything!"


"I've been with Shira long enough now to know that I can trust her to get me the best deal available from the best supplier, so I get the best bang for my buck. 

I have zero understanding, patience, or interest in dealing with the utility... Shira does a wonderful job and so I don’t have to worry about anything anymore. 

I know that if the market changes, Shira will watch out and do whatever she has to do - I don’t want to have to be busy with that."